barbi bimbo

I'm a Barbi

I embrace the 'Barbi Bimbo' personality, and you can expect me to be bubbly, outgoing, and playful at all times.  I hope you appreciate that I am healthy and clean, and will come to you perfumed and pretty and ready to be your girl

It gets me all excited to be your arm candy.  I want to be by your side, fawning over you in public.

I love love love flirting and touching.   My ideal date would be to spend about an hour at the bar talking, flirting, touching... feeling your hands on my body, while I constantly touch your arms, neck, chest etc.  Then we slip off to your private place and you make me moan.

I am a 5'10", 150lbs, brown-haired, brown-eyed, caucasian, TransGirl of 45 years old.

barbi bimbo
barbi bimbo

I'm an Educated and Fun Barbi

Graduate-Educated T-Girl who has travelled, and enjoys languages.  I am comfortable at the Opera, Art Galleries, the Symphony etc.

I like EDM/Trance music for dancing.

I love coffee, threesomes, bondage, and more. I like really taking my time, and socializing with my dates.

If you want a date to the sex or fetish clubs in Philadelphia or New York City, I am familiar with most of them.

I prefer to be contacted by Text first. Afterward we can talk on the phone or even better, on Google Meet.

barbi bimbo
barbi bimbo  

I'm a Submissive Bimbo

I won't get mad if you call me 'airhead', in fact I kind of like it.....

If you hire me, I am definitely going to want to touch you a lot.  I can not explain it really.  It just pushes my button somehow.

Please understand that I am a bottom girl, although I can rape your mouth if you inspire me.   I enjoy safe-sex always.

Please understand that I am functional

I hope you do not mind that I kind of moan/whisper softly when you are taking me.

barbi bimbo
barbi bimbo   barbi bimbo

I'm Your Servant-Girl Barbi

When a man hires me, I feel like I belong to him, and I want to please him, and make him want me.

I love to call you "daddy" or "master".

When our date is over, I want you to feel like you were on a date with a sexy, caring girl who pays attention to you, tries to please you, and shows how much she appreciates you.

barbi bimbo
barbi bimbo  

I'm Your Secret Spy Agent Barbi

You never have to worry about me being too outrageous looking, or attracting unwanted attention to our meeting.  I can slip in and out of your place without most people paying any attention at all.

I have even arrived disguised as the Pizza-Delivery Girl!

barbi bimbo
barbi bimbo

Extra Special !

If you want a submissive girl to dance/tease/serve you and your friends..... I am your girl!

If you want a fun girl as your date for dinner/drinks/dancing ..... I am your girl!

If you have a thing for handcuffs and rope....... I am definitely your girl!

If your endowment is large, I might be the wrong girl for you (I am tight). If your endowment is medium or small.... woo hoo !

I have a special weakness for men 45 and older, you guys just make me feel so comfortable!

barbi bimbo
barbi bimbo

Rent Me!

Incall: $200 / Hour.

Outcall: $200 / Hour plus travel.

Overnight: $700 for 10 hours.

Overnight: $900 for 12 hours.

Weekend: $1500 for 5pm Friday-5pm Sunday.

Please give me 2 hours advance notice if possible.

barbi bimbo


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Spent a early afternoon rendezvous with Barbie. She makes every effort to ensure you are comfortable.Ater a glass of wine we moved to the main event in the bedroom. Barbi is sensual and brings a subtle and not so subtle eroticism to the encounter. And this lady is a delight to converse with. She is bright, well travelled and just a pleasure to be with.
P. (Tueningleaf@TS4Rent.eu (Philadelphia, PA) TS4rent.eu)

I met Barbie last month in Horsham, before I set up this profile. She is very affectionate, and her pictures are accurate. She loves to kiss and make out. I'm pretty much a newbie to this and she was very understanding. It was very much like a date. Started with drinking some wine I brought, and moved on to kissing, making out, foreplay. There was no rush at all, and after we were both "satisfied" she even wanted to cuddle in bed, even though I am sure we were past our scheduled time. Will definitely repeat when I see she is back in my area.
D. (oicuateonetoo@TS4Rent.eu (Philadelphia, PA) TS4rent.eu)

Set up meet a day ahead of time and got a hotel room. She is tall and very passable. We laid on the bed and snuggled and made out a bit. She then removed my pants and shorts and went to town on me. Very soft, sensual head. She absolutely loves doing it. I could have let her do that for hours on me. She has a nice tool as well. She?s a total bottom but enjoys getting blown as well. Very chill girl and totally worth it. Will definitely repeat!
L. (HardtopbillPhiladelphia@TS4Rent.eu (Philadelphia, PA) TS4rent.eu)

Barbi is anything but a bimbo. She is compassionate and oh so sexy. We sat down to cocktails and relaxed for 20 to 40 minutes and got really comfortable before we got hot and heavy. She is a wonderful kisser. Her DFK is second 2 none. We took turns going down on each other. Tasted so good. Will repeat.
L. (Rohmeo@TS4Rent.eu TS4rent.eu)

I called Barbi to set up a date and sadly she was not available when I needed her, but she ended up calling me back saying she had a cancellation and was able to book me. I am really glad she did. Barbi took me in and she made me feel comfortable right away with her sweet, lovely personality. We had a nice conversation and she offered me a drink. I was a bit hesitant because you never know but took it anyway and ended up having a wonderful time with her. We mostly talked and did not even feel like time was running. She was touching my thighs playfully and I could feel junior rising up to join the party so she unzipped me and took him out for an amazing BBBJ full of spit and DT. I was about to unload in her mouth so I pushed her back and loaded on my abs. She was kind enough to clean me up and continue the session. She never looked at the clock. We kept talking for a bit until I was ready for the main event and she had a lube that smelled kinda funky but she said it had a warming effect that enhances pleasure so I was all for it. I got a cover on me and entered her slowly on DS while she got used to my size. She commented on how big I was and we started nice and slow so I would not hurt her. She really emphasized how much she was enjoying it and it was not long til I popped in the bag. She cleaned me up again and had a couple drinks before I left with a smile on my face. Very pleasant experience.
Ain (Philadelphia, PA)

If you are a reputable client I will share details with you via private secure message. Let us just say I was in he heaven at the end even though I got there 2 hours late.
L. (Pa14@adultlook adultlook.com/r/31397)

TS Barbi has a great body. I immediately started to get hard so we took care of the business and quickly started to undress, I had an incredible time! TS Barbi gave me a nice hug at the door and gave her the donation. Talk for a minute and then the fun began. She undressed and I laid on the bed just enjoying the view. She has a toned body, nice breasts and wonderful personality. She is open to discuss the session you want and will follow or lead. She also offered other services that I was not interested, but at least offered to make sure that I would be pleased. She started with an amazing BJ that was really hot! She gave dirty talk with eye contact and she started to speak French while she suck my dick and got me hard as fuck! I then put her on her back and fucked her mish for a minute. Then turned her around and started doggie style and we had some incredible sex. We continued in until I loaded the bag inside her with doggy. It was a hot session and I will repeat when I travel back to town. I had an incredible time with this nasty TS provider!
Oru (Austin, TX)

I am a repeat customer, because she loves it and makes me love it too. 3 times now.
Shawn (Berwyn, PA)

She really does look exactly like her photos....
Mike (Conshohocken, PA)

The most pleasing encounter I have had in months, super fun girl.
Jim (Ft Lauderdale, FL)

Barbie is very good looking and friendly when you engage her. Very smart and talented, great ts-option! Barbi enjoys a conversation but does not let that get in the way of getting down. Although the conversation is enjoyable, the main course is much better... She started off with a nice sensual massage. Her skin is silky smooth so it made it so much better when she rubbed her body against mine. She started to kiss me all over and nibbled on my ear which got me going. She rubbed her nice breast in my face and started licking on my nipple. Felt amazing! She truly takes her time with everything. The BBBJ felt amazing. She kissed her way back to my neck and inserted my cock in her tight ass. She started off slow and worked her way a little faster. I ended with her nice ass in the air (doggy style) and the minute I stuck my cock in her I exploded. The view of her ass from behind was AMAZING! I would see her again in a minute
Johnny (Philadelphia, PA)

She is as pretty as she looks in her pictures.
Sammy (Claymont, DE)

Barbi is a real pleaser, and so girly it brought out the protective spirit inside me.
Mike (Wilmington, DE)

She is so sweet and loving in bed, like a girlfriend but better. I could kiss her for hours.
Pete (Voorhees, NJ)

I met her in the hotel bar, and we got each other so hot we had to practically run to the room...
R. (Wash, DC)

Me and my girlfriend had a rockin-great time with her. We will definitely do it again.
Jim (Mt Ephraim, NJ)

I spanked her, and she giggled and moaned. She is a kinky submissive girl!.
Jason (Cherry Hill, NJ)

It was my first time, she was the perfect girl... she put me right at ease and made it all beautiful and natural.
Darrin (Philadelphia, PA)

When I choked her, you could see in her eyes how much it turned her on.
Kevin (Brunswick, NJ)

Her throat is DEEP, I went all the way down!
Robert (Media, PA)

Quick and easy verification, got the hotel info, and then texted again when I pulled in. I had a great time with TS Barbi, and would definitely recommend her. She is very pretty.
User830 (PlymouthMeeting, PA)

She is very friendly and welcomed me inside with a smile and Barbi looked so sexy wearing a tight dress. Some lighthearted chit-chat followed by the donation and then went to bed. I got naked and she started dancing for me and took her clothes off.....
R. Read Full Review on Erotic Monkey

TS Barbi is exactly the TS woman I have always wanted to be with in terms of body. She is a beautiful person and has a beautiful body. She's an incredible TS woman!
I. Read Full Review on Erotic Monkey

She knows what she's doing and doesn't slack off, or get tired like many others. She's quite the trooper and goes after the cock with passion. ... She asked me to let her mount me and we started to fuck in cowgirl. She was very tight...
L. Read Full Review on Erotic Monkey

Barbi is a well educated, mature trans provider. She is a gracious host, a wonderful conversationalist and all around sweet lady. .... She poured a glass of wine for each of us and we got to know one another a little better. She is a great conversationalist....
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